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The aim of the Club is to promote, foster and encourage the acquisition, ownership, preservation and operation of the Volvo 1800 and 120 motor vehicles. Since 1988, we have held bi-annual rallies to which all Volvo Clubs are invited.

Full Membership is open to anyone owning an 1800 or a 120 motor vehicle.

Associated Membership is open to all.

Rolling Magazine is bi-monthly and is mailed to all financial members. A 32 page plus magazine for all Australian Volvo Clubs.

Joining fee $5.00
Annual M/ship $45.00

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Hello and Welcome to the Volvo 1800-120 Club Australia

The Volvo 1800-120 Club Australia Inc. is a National Club for the owners of the Volvo P1800 and P120 cars in Australia. The club is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Club was born as a result of the amalgamation of both the 1800 and 120 clubs

The Volvo 1800 Car Owners Association
It was 1986 and it just so happened that a group of enthusiast unknown to each other at the time were busy enjoying their 1800s quietly on their own. Until, by chance, some of them met up at a car 'show and shine' in Brisbane. Allen Edwards, who was restoring his P1800 at the time, always carried the photo album of his 1800 restoration with him. Talk turned to forming a club and getting together with some of the 1800s that had been sighted around Brisbane. And so the Volvo 1800 Car Owners Association was born.

The Volvo 120 Club Australia
The Volvo 120 Club had its first meeting in Brisbane on the .... The club was formed by Wayne Luckman and Vicki Minassian to cater for the growing number of 120 owners, a number of which owned 1800s as well. This club proved to be very popular and in different ways owners of this marque flooded in to join and be part of the club. After a few years it was obvious that there was a lot of duplication with those two clubs, so much so that one year both clubs had the same committee. It didn't take long after that to join the clubs under the one umbrella.

Sunday 12th January 1986 saw the very first Volvo P1800 meeting at Slaughter Falls, Brisbane, Queensland (Photo: John Todhunter)



  • 1989 Tamworth NSW

  • 1990 Dubbo/Wellington NSW

  • 1992 Armidale NSW

  • 1994 Echuca Victoria

  • 1996 Sunshine Coast Queensland

  • 1998 Canberra ACT

  • 2000 Mudgee NSW

  • 2002 Grafton NSW

  • 2004 Canberra ACT

  • 2006 Inverell NSW

  • 2008 Toowoomba Queensland

  • 2009 Sydney NSW

  • 2011 Armidale NSW


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